Output 1- Research Paper
Literature review and situation analysis

Leader of the Work Package: Ankara Chamber of Industry

  1. Survey Creation
  2. Determination of commonly used machine parts
  3. Identification of problems of target group at the workplace
  4. Identification of problems of companies
  5. Methodology of creation of technical sign language
  6. Finalizing the report
  7. Translation into partner countries languages
  8. Prepare a guide to summarize research paper and research on projects
  9. Create and perform surveys
  10. Create a list of at least 100 standard machine features
  11. Writing a draft paper
  12. Making internal assessments
  13. Finalizing the report
  14. Translate to partners’ languages

Output 2- Creation of technical sign language

Business package leader: European Sign Language center (Europeiskt Teckenspråkcenter)

  1. Translation of machine parts into technical sign language
  2. Video shooting
  3. Creation of e-book and translation into partner countries languages

Output 3- Creation of Curriculum

  1. Curriculum Creation and translation
  2. Translation of curriculum into sign language
  3. Preparation of guideline for companies

Output 4: Creation of AR Based Mobile Application

  1. 3D modelling
  2. CAD Data Optimization
  3. UW Expansion
  4. Animation, Simulation Programming

Output 5: Implementation and Output Analysis

  1. Pilot implementation at Türk Traktör
  2. Implementation Report
  3. Model implementation guideline for partner countries
  4. Training deliveries
  5. Improvement on model based on feedbacks